Import Multiple .ply files via Script or Grasshopper


I please need assistance or guidance with the following:

  • I need to import a few hundred PLY files into a single Rhino File.
  • Move each to a given linear location. So, if the first goes to 0,0 (x:y) the second goes to 10,10, third to 20,20 and so on. The change/move will constant.
  • Each file that is imported should be on its own layers.

The files ply files to be imported are named in a sequence
014.500, etc.

I’m looking at Grasshopper and it I believe it is possible but have almost no experience with it or writing scripts. I see they don’t have an option to import ply files either.

Any help will be appreciated.

node “Import 3DM” loads PLY for me. Else look here for custom solution: PLY importer for Grasshopper | Studio Scenology 3D (