Import model from SU to RHINO5

hi guys,

is there any way to bring models form SU to RHINO without the solid geometries been broken into srfs?
for a big scenario, will be struglling if thousands of models been seperated…

Many thanks.

I’m not completely sure what you mean…

SU is mesh-only.

separated into what?

Exactly what is it that you are trying to do?

hey wim,

you got some block geometries in SU, mesh they are.
after exported as DWG, the solid, I mean closed geometries, some of them will breakinto pieces(plannar mesh), not closed anymore. join wont work, some of the boundries wont overlap, instead there will be small gaps between the boundry, I guess thats the geometries transformation difference? so in this case, you have to rebuild all of them in order to run a simulation.

I find it hard to understand what you are doing.
Why are you using DWG? Can you post a *.skp file that you are having problems with?

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no worry man,
done it.

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So what’s your solution, Yang?


very stupid…
Manually done.

block cad.3dm (258.8 KB)
I also uploaded the CAD file in case anyone has a better solution.
Thank you!

some of the polylns, at the corners or intersections, there will be small gaps, so technically some of the polylns are not cornered or intersected. that`s also an issue for extruding to solid blocks.
I know clean up the files must be initial stage before modelling, but for sometimes, we got the file from other companies, so I was wandering if there are tools or plug-ins for closing these small gaps that will save amount of time.

Thanks so much.

You might want to explore CleanUp, SketchUp plugin that provides many utility functions for cleaning up the model.