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I am having some problems with an imported solidworks file.
For SolidWorks 2022 and Rhino7

I want to be able to import a SolidWorks file, and double check if the parts are truly a solid. I am trying to do this by exploding the part and joining it again by booleanUnion. When I do this the part will either:

  • Be joined again to one closed polysurface (the end result I wish for)
  • Be joined again to one open polyserface
  • Or the booleanUnion will fail

I have tried some different things.

When I export the SolidWorks file to a STEP file and import the STEP file in Rhino, some of the part end in a boolean fail, some in an open polysurface and some in a closed polyserface.

When I just import the .sldprt file and do the same operations as i did in the STEP imported file, every part reacts in a different way than in the STEP imported file. None of the parts end in a boolean fail, but there seem to be no system or sense in when the booleanUnion works or not.

What is happening?
What is the best way to import my solidWorks files to Rhino?

I Really hope someone can explain this

Hi Laura - we’d need to see the file. Note when you Import the current file determines the unit tolernance so you’ll want to make sure that is reasonable. Please send the files you are importing to to my attention, with a link back here in your comments.


Hi Laura.
I use the “join” command to unify exploded polysurfaces back to create solids rather than boolean union. Don’t know, maybe it will work better for you?


I’d query why you are exploding the imported polysurfaces then trying to rejoin using booleanUnion? You should use join instead. As Pascal mentioned, you will need to check your tolerances.

If you are importing a multi body part or an assembly, you can layer off or hide parts and go through them one by one (explode, join) because if you explode two parts at once that have coincident faces, there will be issues when trying to join.

Also try re-importing into SW. Also run Tools>Evaluate>Check to run various checks on the parts in SW.

What leads you to believe they are not solids if SW is labeling the bodies as solid?

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