Import from google earth


(Malafon) #21

Does the Lands plugin import .kmz files? If not, is that an importer that could be added?




No, Lands doesn’t open kmz files. It has a command to export to Kml though. But it is quite experimental. If we keep developing it maybe we’ll include an importer too. But it’s not decided yet.

(Rosshea) #23

I am trying to import elevation data from Google Earth into Rhino with Lands Design plug-in. I have the latest version of Google Earth pro. When I tried I got the error “Communication with Google Earth was Interrupted.”

That’s when I found the link:

I removed the latest version of GE and used the download link recommended by the page. Though it installed I got a bunch of errors. I also tried the manual install you recommended but then I was required to fill in a license key which I don’t have, because you don’t need for the latest Google Earth.

Are there any other options to get this to work?


That sounds strange to me. Which errors did you get?

Where are you asked to fill in a license key? Lands? GE?

Can you take screenshots of both moments?


I’m having the same issue as Rosshea ever since the new Beta of Lands.

Import from google earth registers the error: “Communication with Google Earth was Interrupted” after confirming the location to import.



Hi, it looks like Google has removed the v6.2 installer from its servers…

Lands can not connect with newer versions since the used API is no longer supported. And the alternative API its a paid system based on the number of requested elevation data. Since Lands needs to request a large amount of data, the cost would be unacceptable.

The time is come to search for an alternative data source, I guess.