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CorelDraw X5 is my application for creating text objects. I’ve used it many times to manipulate text for purpose of exporting .dxf to Rhino. My Rhino 5 will no longer import .dxf or .dwg or even .ai files that I’ve created in CorelDraw and I don’t know what I did to cause it to quit. Nothing has changed except perhaps the latest Rhino update.

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Hello, I work with both programs Rhino and Corel, and the best process for the import / export files, is export files from Rhino with .ai extensión (adobe illustrator); the reverse process (Corel to Rhino with ai files) does not yield good results,

Can you post one of the files that won’t open/import here? --Mitch

Not too often I meet someone who uses Corel with Rhino. It’s odd that I had
perfect results in the past exporting both .dxf and .ai from Corel. Neither
works now, but I tried .eps and it works great. Totally unexpected.

Thank you,

Hello Camille_Keyes
I currently use Corel X7. Dxf text into Rhino works OK here.Corel to Rhino.mp4 (587.0 KB)