Import Dim Styles - Deselect All?

Perhaps there’s a trick I’m unaware of, but in BETA 6 I don’t see any way of deselecting all but the dim style I need. Each entry in the “Import Annotation Styles” is checked by default, and requires 2 clicks each to unselect (first click hilights and second click unchecks). You can imagine this takes time if the style you need is on a drawing with dozens of others. Thanks for any feedback.

Hi Brian - yeah, I see - I’ll see if this can be tuned up. It may be possible to implement the ‘right click to check just this one box’ feature as in the Onsap or Filter toolbars and elsewhere.



Yeas, this option will be great to have. I imported once a dim style from other file and I needed to manually deselect every single other dim style that was there. A lot of unnecessary work.

That would be sweet. Thank you Pascal. Loving the new R6 BETA so far, shy of a few tweaks like this one.