Import Data from a WFS-Service (CityGML)

Is there any way I can import vector data from a WFS-Service into Grasshopper? The WFS I would like to access responses in CityGML-Format. I haven´t found any CityGML-Importer so far :frowning:

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You can use the xml parser from ghowl.

and Heron Gdal ogr2ogr.

Where are you getting your CityGML from?

As Japhy points out AntFarm can import CityGML and it is possible to write a direct connection to a WFS Service. I would suggest that you try downloading the GML files first and importing them into AntFarm. If there is enough demand at a later date we could look to writing a connector.

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Hello any progress on a connector to a WFS-Service. Thanks!

Alternatively, if the service you are intrested in supports GeoJSON format, parsing the response into Rhino types is quite trivial using just ghPython without any additional modules. Here I made some examples of ghPython scripts connecting to and parsing responses from various WMS or WFS or custom geocoding APIs.

I’m not sure which specific WFS Api you want to access, but updating the URL, srs and typeName parameters at the begining of the WFS script should be enough to get you started. (29.8 KB)