Import Coordinates (from .txt)

Sheet018v4.txt (4.4 MB)
I am trying to use the import coordinates component to read XYZ data from the attached .txt file. Unfortunately it does not work.

I have set the file location, separator is a single space. Is the issues due to the repeated spaces? I tested this with a few coordinates deliminated by a “,” and this did not fix the issue. Any advice is much appreciated.

The extra spaces are causing the issue.

This definition will clean out the spaces and then join the text with comma separations. (9.4 KB)

Thanks Japhy. I will see how my laptop handles the domain = 0 to listlength :slight_smile: - in Excel I am accustomed to specifying repeated deliminators can be ignored - is this a feature that could be implemented in the XYZ import component?

Find Replace in Excel works too


We can certainly put in a feature request for GH2.