Import complex shapes from dxf and edit in Grasshopper


I just downloaded Rhino with Grasshopper and have been playing with importing and editing flatpattern dxfs. I want to reproduce the flatpattern from within grasshopper in order to parameterise the design. The only way I see this being possible is by using the dxf as a template to take dimensions from and effectively building a replica 2D model from scratch using primative curves. This is fine for simple shapes, but for complex shapes with many lines, this process bvecomes very involved and can take ages.

Is there a quick way to accomplish this?

Thanks in advance


Just to add, currently I am using the “curve” parameter to import the more complex curves in to Grasshopper, but this does not leave them in an “editable” state.

Could you please post a small example of what you are doing? I’m not sure what you mean with flatpattern dxfs…

This is a screen shot of what I’m working on. The “flatpattern” is just 2D geometry representing a 3D model as per the layer standards on the RHS. The part is a leg for a desk that can be made with a CNC-Router. I am parameterising the design to handle different material thickness’s, if you can imagine slots have to change width if the material thickness changes.

Recreating the the red profile in the center and series of light brown profiles at the top was pretty straight forward, just a few semicircles and lines then mirrors etc. But if I was the create the outer profile in this manner it would take quite a while. I was just wondering if there was a quick way of doing this?