Import command does not seem to work

Hi all,
I have created a custom command to import an existing rhino document to the currently open document. Within my code am making use of the import command however the file is not getting imported.

Below is the part of my code where I try import the file

     String fileLocation = "C:\\Users\\Swinburne\\Desktop\\CaveTool\\ROTATEFORM.3dm";
     String fileImportScript = String.Format("_-Import \"{0}\" _Enter", fileLocation);
     RhinoApp.RunScript(fileImportScript, true);
     foreach (ArcCurve ac in arcCurveList)
        double angle = 0;

        sizeAngle.TryGetValue(ac.Radius, out angle);
        drawCaveImageTool(ac.Arc.Center.X, ac.Arc.Center.Y, angle * Math.PI / 180);

It just runs the import command but does not import the file. What am I doing wrong here?
Thank you.

My bad I actually forgot to add the script runner.

  [System.Runtime.InteropServices.Guid("my guid"),
  Rhino.Commands.CommandStyle(Rhino.Commands.Style.ScriptRunner)] <--- this