Import command bug

I think I found a bug regarding the Import function in Rhino 7. On a fresh Rhino install if you call the Import function on a .dwg file and select it everything works fine as you can see here :

But if you try to call it with the filepath as a parameter as such : -_Import [filepath] the import fails as you can see here :

This behaviour stays the same as long as you haven’t manually imported a dwg file at least once. Once you imported once manually the behaviour becomes stable and the import accepts parameters forever.

This is not a huge problem since the fix is so easy on the client part but is a real pain to find out first.


Hi @thomas.pitiot,

You might consider posting the command code that is not working for you.


– Dale

Hi Dale,
The code not working is simply :
-_Import “path_to_a_dwg_file”

as shown in the screenshot (sorry that it was in french :slight_smile: )