Import both rhino and rhinoscriptsyntax?

I am new at rhino-python.
I was told that ‘rhinoscriptsyntax function nearly always reference the RhinoCommon library’. So,why we import both rhino and rhinoscriptsyntax when we are scripting in rhino-python? why not just rhinoscriptsyntax?

You only need to import Rhino (Rhinocommon) if you are going to call Rhinocommon functions directly.

Rhinoscriptsyntax is a “wrapper” which facilitates writing scripts by encapsulating sets of Rhinocommon methods into more compact and easier to understand functions.


Thanks a lot!
Is there any tutorial of how to use rhinocommon ? I could only find some which just ‘import rhinoscriptsyntax’.

No tutorials, but there are a number of samples at the bottom of this WIKI page

The online SDK documentation is here


Great! Thanks !