Import block

when i do import for block or import for any file 3d , the rhino import it very big ! what i have to do ? please…
my unit its meter

I’m guessing you don’t have any understanding of how Blocks work.
If I draw something complicated and copy it 10 times, the file contains 10x the amount of saved geometry.

If I draw (or import) something complicated, turn it into a Block, and copy the Block instance 9 more times, the file is no bigger than with just the initial objects or Block.

An instance is a reference to the block definition so Rhino can use the same saved geometry over an over for each instance.

Does that help?

i mean the scale not right , very big
i’m importing file from 3ds max (unit M) and export to rhino (in Rhino the unit M) the same unit but the scale no correct

@John_Brock, @jon-vrin - I think @marika_almgren already chatted with @tim about this problem.

This may be one of these problems. Please have a look and see if either matches what you’re seeing.

the link does not work

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Hello - those are public now.