Import 3dm has changed it's behaviour?

I am talking about this guy:

Something has changed recently that is damaging my workflow.
If file A is imported into file B, I was able to control the imported content by switching the layers off in A. Now it’s reading everything, regardless the layer status. and I don’t think it helps.
Is it a bug or …?

This was reported as a regression since this component read all geometry regardless of visibility state in Rhino 6. We recently fixed this regression to read all geometry regardless of visibility state.

[edit] maybe i’m confused. Are the layer filters not working?

Layer filter is working properly, but what if you need to cut just one out of hundred? Bring 99 names up front? It was easier just to switch that one layer off in the file A.

I’m really confused now as you were the person who reported the regression

Is there a different way you were expecting this to be “fixed”?

The issue I have reported before was fixed and I am grateful for it. This one is different.
Maybe I am being to picky but there is difference for object being hidden on layer that is ON, than OFF.
Ideally, to me, would be reading objects (hidden or not) only from layers that are ON.
EDIT: I could trade reading from all layers for not reading hidden elements. I know it is contradictory to my first request but otherwise I have no control over what is being read and it is forcing me to keep the minimum data in A (thus duplicating the file in fact).

Did the Rhino 6 version of this component do this? I would like to have the output behavior match what it did in the past.

If you need new functionality, I can write a C# script that does what you want so we don’t break functionality for other users.

I haven’t been using it with V6, only V7.
It would be very kind of you to make that script.
I am working on a multiple files with multiple layers. I am fine with current functionality until I encounter
the problem and I need to isolate it. It easier to limit it to particular layer.