Import 3dm component layer filter

Dear Rhino Developers,

can you please enable full layer filtering on the layer input of the Import 3dm component?


Hello - what I think you mean is that you’d like to import some but not all layers from another 3dm file, correct?


Hi Pascal,

I often have files with identically named sub-layers. As of now, I have to use the name filter to reference let’s say version 02 of an object. That means if I have multiple sub-layers with the same name, multiple objects will be referenced in one branch.

Correct me if I’m wrong. The layer filter of the Import 3dm component does only look at a flattened layer structure.

I think it should look at full layers… layer::sub-layer::…

Hello - I guess this is a Grasshopper question, is that correct?


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Yes that’s correct!