Import_3dm bug with materials

i knew that plugin already!
but a lot of problems importing 3dm.

i mean, works but only for little project as studio o jewerly stuffs.
if you try importing a 300mb interior 3d, blender stucks and you must terminate and restart importing FBX that works like a charm

Could you please share a 3dm that fails for you, I’d like to get that fixed ASAP: upload for me at (this is confidential)

ok after some further attemps, i understand what’s problem!

if i import a fully materials 3d, the importer fails!
if i delete all materials from my file and i apply simple diffuse materials to all, blender runs correctly also a heavy 3dm. so this is great! thanks!

@agesandros, could you please still share your failing model with me so I can see what the problem is and fix it? Thanks in advance. (The upload link has my address pre-filled, so I will get notified when it is done).

Or if you can trim it down to just a box with one of those materials that fail to import…

ok i m here again to say sorry!
i restart my pc
i try again to import in blender,that 3dm file, and now works perfctily!
the quality of surfaces is quite good without loss of details. love it! and also meterials objects, are correctly imported so you can select by materials,for example.
so, sorry for my mistake.

@agesandros thanks for testing (:

For the future if you ever run into problems with the importer let me know on this forum. I’d like to have things fixed as soon as possible!


another wow!

i saved my file as blend, starting as FBX and after exporting as .blend my project counts about 1.2GB
now from 3dm to blend only 429 MB, working inside 3d view is now more easy then before.
absolutly suggested
thanks…i will do some further tests.

Happy Christmas :wink:

ahahah thanks a lot.
happy new Year to all you.