Import 3DM bug with FBX files?

I have an FBX saved in Centimeters and since Import 3DM supports all formats,
when I use the importer within GH it always appears this dialogue in the command: Rhino units are Millimeters and scale it by 10.
Why does the importer doesn’t use the current unit and always assume millimeters? Is this a bug?
Even if I use Centimeters as you can see, thank you!

Command: _Grasshopper
Rhino units are Millimeters
FBX units are Centimeters
FBX geometry will be scaled by 10.

That looks like a bug on our part. I logged this in our bugtrack system and will see what we can do to get it fixed.

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RH-66552 is fixed in Rhino 7 Service Release 14 Release Candidate