Impact point of an arc based on trajectory angle

Hey Everybody,

I am trying to put an input angle to define the “impact” point of an arc going from one point towards another point on a circle.

*1 is the angle I would like to be able to input

*2 is the impact point.
I’ve attached my grasshopper-file so far, which will probably explain everything better, but it might not be the right way to approach it at all!

I can understand a way to do this could be to use Galapagos to find the distance closest to my wanted angle, but I would really much rather be able to put it in as a parameter - if possible.

This might be a math problem, but I’m still trying my luck, as there are often unusual bright minds in here :slight_smile:

Kind regards! (17.8 KB)


I think a simple height / tan(α) should do the trick? (246.8 KB)