Imort STL, down-scale, export STL?

As a very occasional user of Rhino now for many years, still this is something I’ve never done. I have an art object, very organic in shape, about 35 cm tall, which I might like to have scanned (at a cost of $200) for the purpose of reducing in size. So my question here, is whether I may rely upon Rhino for this, or whether it would be ill advised. If doable, then might someone have special warnings or any advice.

Below is a link to a cross-eye stereogram of the art object in question:

Scanning would create a 3D file, typically .stl You should be able to scale that in Rhino without any issues. Before spending $200 though, I’d be tempted to experiment with creating a file using 123D Catch, it’s free - Good luck


Wow, thanks! That’s a most intriguing app. I must certainly give it a try.