Images transparent on one side?

I’m not too sure what is happening here but it seems that one side is transparent and one side is not. The other side looks like an opaque so I tried making it a double sided material but it still has one side transparent. Is there a way to make all sides opaque with the reference images?

test.3dm (531.0 KB)

These materials have different types: picture versus double sided.

To change the type, select the object and click material (property page) icon in the properties panel.

Thank you. I’ve tried making them all double sided materials with pictures on each side, however, the same thing happens where one image would be transparent one side and opaque on the other. It looks like this time only one side of one picture is transparent. It looks like this behaviour only happens when I assign the 2 sides as pictures since metal and other materials would make it opaque. I was confused because in the past when I inserted a picture, it would show the picture on both sides and would be opaque on both sides.