Image sampler

is possible to get the text straight as it is typed for example if i type (i love rhino) i need this without randomization. text-portrait like this in the example

Don’t duplicate threads please.

And try to show that you worked a bit, come with a script …
You could read that also

@laurent_delrieu Text portrait grasshopper with colors actually i worked and posted some related files with errors too so i hope I’m asking some effective questions only.

@laurent_delrieu Text portrait grasshopper with colors

here is a solution.

For a new image, get the with and height in pixel,
double click on image sampler and choose the image and put this option
Adapt withe width, height and size of text … (362.7 KB)

I also understand English must not be your primary language. So that could be helpful

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Hi Rosh,

I saw your post on the photograph and text.

I am a composer and sound artist influenced by Parametric Architecture.

I am producing an album this year and am looking to collaborate with someone who understands architecture technology such as Grasshopper.

I like the example you shared and am interested in having one of my photographs mixed with text in this way all with words starting with para…

Would you be interested in helping with this?

Many thanks,