Image Sampler to Closed Good Mesh to Surface to Surface Morph - How to? Insights?

Hey @bobmcneel @pascal I am having a very difficult issue that has hung me up for weeks. I am trying to take an image sampler that outputs a closed uniform mesh (or closed surface) and wrap it to a surface without clipping or tearing. I have the surface morph down, what is proving difficult is the image sampler generation. It is proving more difficult than I had originally thought.

could you please upload your GH file + image?

Do you think it has to do with the photograph itself, versus the amount of UV’s on the surface I am trying to wrap it to? Can that cause surface morphing issues?

I think it has something to do with the mesh side-faces created with the extrusion of the weavy mesh itself: if you increase the amplitude of the extrusion vector (here I have tried doubling it) it works correctly :+1:

Looks like you have a fine SrfGrid there, what’s the problem?

I added ‘Aspect Ratio’ (purple group) to match the image dimensions and lofted the bottom with the SrfGrid (white group). Increase the resolution (U and V counts) and you’re done, eh? (89.4 KB)

Make a mesh from it if you must, but why?

Wait… so much of the reason I am having tearing when I use the surface morph from the output of the sampler is because of the aspect ratio inputs in the mesh?