Image sampler / importer improvements

Didn’t find any posts on this subject in the GH2 category, so I thought I’d post it here. Referencing this topic:

It would be nice to have at least the following additions:
Input: file path to image
Output: image pixel dimensions
Right-click menu to set component proportions to same as image proportions

I’m sure that some other improvements have already been suggested or are on the list.

Actually another good thing would be that the IMG Import Image component outputs pixel dimensions - and maybe that making a mesh with the imported image is optional so it doesn’t need to be calculated. In that way, one could use that component as the image importer and get the pixel dimensions directly, and if the Image Sampler had a file input that that it could be connected to, it wouldn’t even necessarily need to output the pixel dimensions.


@Helvetosaur would love those features to be added.

  • Generally having more of the internal component controls exposed as inputs/ output would be great.
  • PSD layer support
  • UDIM support

I’d like to make images a data type in their own right, so you can perform all manner of operations on them, including width/height retrieval.