Image raster

Hello ; i want know if exist a plugin to raster images and convert lines drawn freehand to curve
like this :

Hi @seghierkhaled,

I don’t know of any plugin like that, but if you’re into scripting, it would be pretty straightforward, to come up with a custom component that you input an image into, and that converts - for instance - the black pixels to points. These points could then be sorted by proximity and connected to form a curve.

For a Python example, that shows how to load an image into code, analyse pixels, and other image-related operations, you can check out my Floyd-Steinberg Dithering script, I posted a while back.

Rooster ?

And the old way, based on same tool Protrace

thank ; i don’t have experience with scripting i will check your thread if will help me

thanks i tried that but it convert lines in images to polyline
my idea is for example draw shapes by hand and convert them with grasshopper like floor plan; ideas … etc
i tried that but i don’t if this help or not