Image knitting with random points " Kumi Yamashita Style"

Some experiments using random nails and one unique threads. Some descriptions of the parameters on some images.

Idea from that
Danny Santos portraits

Old script where I added a limit in the number on nails that can be used for each nail.


That’s nicely done. I love the work of Kumi Yamashita, to me it is a mystery how she can achieve such detail with nails and wire. Her works ‘light and shadow’ earlier replicated by @anon39580149 is another great series of her.
I wonder if you can make it more look like the art pieces where you hardly see any directionality of the lines.

Dear Laurent. Perhaps you are able to create an algorithm for developing sericulture and getting spider webs to craft on any surface. It will be wonderful. Your work will help preserve nature and develop this technology. Thanks for all.

I downloaded its .gh file. How do I import a new image in grasshopper?