Image as plane

There is this a useful plugin in Blender which turns an image in an editable plane: by doing that one can easily add loops to further model the image. Is there some similar approach in Rhino?

For example, I’m importing a screenshot of a random google maps and I would like to extract the streets and extrude them while keeping the original texture. Any idea?

Picture objects in Rhino are simply planar surfaces with an image mapped to them and a special display mode. You can turn on control points and move them, rebuild the surface to have more control points, use any of the transformation commands like scale 1/2/3D, trim them with curves, etc.

… additionally,

When you place a picture object, a texture is created that you can use on a different object. If you create a mesh or SubD object with the same aspect ratio as the picture object, you can use that texture and modify the mesh/SubD object.

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Does (or can) the applied texture include the always-on display mode that a Picture object has?

Thanks for your reply, I tried to import a picture of a door and by splitting and extruding the first door on the left you can see that the edges have some weird UV (because of planar projections) while the top still retains the original texture. How can I quickly improve those edges?


As for the “(or can)” part - I don’t believe it should.

I would probably advise against doing this with the Picture object, and I’m not proficient in texture mapping, but this might require messing with the UVEditor. I’m moving this thread to the Rendering category…