I'm curious if anyone uses rhino for graphic design?

I’m not surprised. A couple years ago I wanted to do a 2d Mandala design. A nightmare to do what I wanted in Illustrator. So I whipped up a complex 2d line drawing using SolidWorks in a very short period of time ( SolidWorks ability to constrain easily is what helped immensely ) and just imported it into Illustrator to add the colors and gradients. I’m pretty sure if I was more well versed in Rhino I would have used that too._

I created a Grasshopper Python script to export Rhino curves and text as an SVG file that retains layer order properly and hacks the layer color and print color/width to control output as stroke thickness/color. Rhino fails to retain layer order and layers during Illustrator export. Illustrator reads SVG files well.

Consider using CorelDraw instead. I am an illustrator and if I had to resort to illustrator to draw with, I’d probably change careers…

I think CorelDraw is to illustrator what Rhino is to Solidworks.


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I actually draw many shapes in Illustrator and import them into Rhino - Rhino has horrible vector tools. But whatever works best for you is what’s best.

Depends on the graphics. Sometimes I wonder how I could do it without Rhino:

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I used Macromedia Freehand and could export as eps into photoshop, I now love the trim ability in Rhino, where in Freehand one had to zoom right in to be sure of cutting something, however I cannot get the results from Rhino into photoshop, the other day the first ai exported as the size as expected, the next item was far too big and out of proportion.

see thread


though no one as yet has explained why. As such I cannot go from Rhino into Photoshop.

How best can I get Rhino into photoshop as I need it to be my graphics prog as well as CAD items.

Please McNeel, need to know, why is there no eps export option, which is THE WAY of getting a vector prog artwork into Photoshop.

I know Freehand users that still use Freehand, I am with FH9, on win7 64bit ! but whilst the curve drawing tools are superior for graphics, and layers, and cmyk palette, other aspects are better when it comes to curve editing. Freehand was 20% faster then Illustrator, a friend who has had to go over to illustrator from Freehand hates illustrator.

I need to know how to create things in cmyk in Rhino and get them into Photoshop.