Illustrator Export with Hatches

Awsome for the result.
We need this as a built-in option!
Anyway the result is not an illustrator symbol. Original layers are maintained, but this is already usefull.
More thoughts tomorow (9 pm in France…)

In Illustrator, you CAN’T have a symbol spread on multiple layers (as it is the case on most of the CAD software).
Illustrator (an so pdf) symbols are NOT layers related, they are object related (path, text frame). An Illustrator object can’t share multiple layers, it is against the Adobe philosophy.
That’s why , in a first step and if you want to have a chance to output a block or group as an Illustrator symbol, the CAD (Rhino) block must gather any object to a single layer, but that’s not all;

Illustrator does not recognize groups as groups (even if they are still imported and printed or drawn), they are path or text all placed onto the same illustrator layer, that’s it.
To get a chance to have an Illustrator symbol (recognized as a symbol) you have to check the ai sdk and name the output properly (Symbol)
(please, excuse my english)