IK chain link up problems for Deployable Scissor Structures

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to to animate collapsable scissor structures but I am hazing trouble making it fold up properly. I can do the first scissor without any problems, but I can’t figure out the logic for attaching the second and making it follow suit. Any help you can offer would be amazing, this is my first Bongo attempt.



Animation Keyshot scissor V2-Bongo.3dm (481.6 KB)

Good you found a way to attach both scissors. I was out of town for a few days.:sunglasses:
The tutorial video http://bongo.rhino3d.com/video/the-conception-of-an-ik-chain-a-scissor-arm deals with the conception of a scissor-arm IK chain.

Thanks Luc. Appreciate the link.