Igs files will not join to create closed polysurface OS X

Hi Everyone.

I have an igs file that was watertight before it was created.

Two people running rhino for windows in my office can select all and join and the majority of the components become watertight. When I try the same thing using rhino 5 for mac Only say 50 percent of the surfaces will join. Any ideas ?

Thanks in advance


Hi Glenn - please post the iges file here or to tech@mcneel.com, we’ll try to help. I’d check the file tolerance in Windows vs what you get on the Rhino for Mac first I guess. If the absolute tolerance is larger/looser, you’ll likely get easier joining.


KR-MB-Chair turned 1.IGS (59.2 KB)

Hi Pascal.

I have uploaded one component. Tolerances are set the same on both the windows machines and my mac.

Many thanks


Hmmm- Rhino for Mac is reading in some of these surfaces with a single edge all the way around and not breaking up the edge at the hard corners. I’ll see if I can figure out a way to retrim these other than one by one.



Hi Pascal.

Thanks for that. So it is an issue with Rhino for mac then ? At the moment I am having a colleague join everything then saving as a .3dm but not ideal.

Can I ask what the mcneal.myjetbrains.com is ?

Look forward to seeing if you find a workaround.

And if it is a Rhino for mac isssue, what is the normal procedure for flagging it to be fixed in a subsequent update ?



That’s McNeel’s bug and wishes tracking system. Filing an issue there is the normal procedure for flagging bugs to be fixed in a future release.

Cheer’s wim.

Thank’s wim.

A couple tips on using YouTrack (should you be so inclined) are here: Basic YouTrack tips
…the links are out-of-date, but you should get the idea. I just updated the sample links to be more relevant. Let me know if you have questions.