IGH_VariableParameterComponent - automatically create and destroy paramaters on opposite side

Hi Forum,

I have been trying a few things with IGH_VariableParameterComponent and so far, this works well.

When creating/destroying a parameter on one side, is there a way to automatically create/destroy a parameter on the opposite side? I. e., when I create a new input parameter, I would like a new output parameter to pop up simultaneously.

Currently, I don’t see a way to trigger actions for the side opposite to the one the user is clicking on.


You can create/remove the other side parameters from the IGH_VariableParameterComponent create/remove methods, by calling the Register…() or Unregister…() methods of comp.Params and in the end calling OnParametersChanged().


Works! Thank you!
Took my procedural brain way too long though to wrap my mind around this :slight_smile: