IGH_Goo ToString method

Hi all, here is something that I haven’t managed to figure out on my own.

I have defined a custom class that I use as a base to derive a few other classes. For each of these classes I override the ToString method to return different strings. I have created the GH_Goo only for the base class and made its ToString method to return Value.ToString.

I have then created a GH_Component which, based on the input, creates an object of one of the above classes, and a GH_PersistentParam with some user interface to select options from a sort of database. The GH_Component seems to work as expected and the string returned varies depending on the input. The GH_PersistentParam only returns the string of the base class - I have debugged the code and the object seems to be created from the correct class though.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance