IGES percent an d ESC please

Hi, I am reading in a 450MB IGES file and it would be nice with a percent counter and an ESC option.

Got that, thanks.



I’ve learned to always ask for STEP instead, for that reason. I’ve had IGES file take HOURS and STEP files of the same models take minutes.

Yeah, I asked for STEP, but IGES was already made, so I had to take it.
The file has only 14.000 surfaces so I imagine the join process will be a blast…

Probably lots of coinciding surfaces as well - objects touching each other. Always fun :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yeah… good to know I am not alone :smile:
At least I made a script that automates and does it layer by layer, so now I am drinking coffee with my feet up :slight_smile:

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