Iges files

i do design work for the shoe industry. i get iges files that were saved from a cad program other than rhino. i see a lot of problems with the surfaces of these models when they are opened in rhino. a good example would be the cut edge of an organic surface being unlike a rhino cut edge. the edge will be broken up into little pieces of edge just like saving wire frame geometry from rhino to a dxf file for a cnc machine the uses only dxf files. these edges won’t fix with merge edge. just wondering if there is a work around for this problem with share files from cad to cad ?

Hello - If the surface edges are in theory defined by intersections with neighboring surfaces, I’d UntrimBorder and re-intersect, re-trim.


yep, that’s what i do a lot but sometimes the edge can’t be changed at all and it can become a problem to deal with. maybe some day the share file situation will get better, for right now, it is what it is.