IGES file losing it's colours only in Rhino

I have an IGES file that was given to me out of Pro-E. When I import it into Rhino it comes in as one colour. If I import it into SolidWorks, SpaceClaim, or WorkNC, the original colours are there.

Is there an option somewhere to control the IGES import to maintain the colours? This is the first time I’ve ever seen this issue, but it won’t be the last since I will be receiving many IGES files from this source.

Here is the file:

blk-a.igs (360.4 KB)

and here is how it is supposed to look:



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Hi Dan- I see that- I’ll put it on the pile…


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I’m very curious for the colors too, because they help to select the different parts and joint them or assign layer/names.

We use colours to convey tolerancing on surfaces. Different colours tell the machinist what is important and what is not.