iFrame options on new platform

Are there more options for iFrame embedding besides those listed here ?

Specifically, I am looking for the old brandedMode=False plus an option to toggle the camera control menu.


At the moment, the only options you can tweak for iframes are the ones shown in the iframe section of the model view page. We will soon add the possibility to remove the branding directly in this screen rather than having to modify the code directly.

Thank you for suggesting toggles for the camera control button, it would make sense as well as the full screen button. I will add requests for these settings as well to the backlog.

Hi @mathieu1,

I’ve just noticed that the camera controls are now missing from the iFrame in the new platform - is there a way to maybe access these within the GH script/controls? These are very useful for my clients.



Can you please give me some precisions about which camera controls you are referring to? Do you mean the ones from the model edit mode? If that is the case, what use for those advanced camera controls do your clients have?

In any case, regardless of the old platform rollout, you will still be able to embed your models using the version 2 of the viewer. Of course, in the meantime, we would like to understand which features are missing from the new version of the iframe and how we can help you transition to it.


On my side, it is missing the possibility to select standard camera views (top view, side view, front view). This was possible before by accessing the same camera menu that is now available in edit mode.

Being able to switch view is key in most modeling application, a simple icon to do so in the viewer (next maybe to full-screen icon) would be great

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@mathieu1 please see these screen shots:

That little pencil icon in the top right of the iFrame accesses the camera controls.

Its not on the new viewer:



@kiteboardshaper Can you confirm that, like matteo above, the control that is mostly used by your users is to switch between perspective, top and side views?
We removed the advanced controls on purpose because most of them do not make sense to expose to end users. Therefore I am trying to understand a minimal set of controls that we could start exposing again. If the preset camera positions as described above are the critical ones, we could introduce a view navigator along these lines (tinkercad):

Hi @mathieu1

Your proposal would be excellent for my application.

I agree the old menu contained many options not required by the end users.



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Just wanted to add in on this: I think that view navigator would be an excellent idea. It was my job to ‘coach’ people through their first experiences with 3D CAD software for 3 years, this almost everybody understands intuitively. AutoCAD uses it frequently too (in Revit for instance).

Speaking for Moondoor: would be super happy with it!

Hope this helps, best, Thomas

Hi @mathieu1,

is the camera views toggle still a planned upgrade?