Iframe for logged in users only

i start using shapediver and try to find out if i better embed an iframe into my own shop or use shapedivers plugin for shopify. Mathias and Edwin recommended to ask into the forum which i now do.
As i understand right, an iframe is a fixed url to a shapediver configurator like in this example:

which will lead us to:

Does anybody have experience with giving only logged in users of my shop the possibility to view the iframe, and not beeing able to bypass by using the iframes url?

Thanks Henning

You can of course on your side hide the ShapeDiver iframe behind an authentication process. However, anyone with the iframe url can follow it to view your model at the moment. This is something we will improve in the future. For the time being, if preventing access to this url is crucial to your application, you could use the viewer API (which the shopify plugin is based on) and setup a deeper connection between the ShapeDiver file exports and orders in your webshop.

Thanks Mathieu,
i’ll give the viewer API a try.