IForms issue (IronPython/Mono + Mac)

Hey, interesting issue/bug I’ve found while playing around with IForm Dialog boxes. While it might be an issue with the Mono/IronPython release, it seems a bit stranger.
Note: using Mac OsX(10.10.3). and the Atom listener.

Here is the code:

import clr
from System.Windows.Forms import Application, Form
class IForm(Form):
    def __init__(self):
        self.Text = 'Simple'
        self.Width = 250
        self.Height = 200
        # self.CenterToScreen()
if __name__ == "__main__":
    form = IForm()

two things:

  1. IForm.CenterToScreen() not being recognized.
  2. I’m getting a completely blank dialog box – with no close button (or whatever it is called). rhino losses its ability to listen to atom

Any thoughts? am I doing something wrong?

System.Windows.Forms barely works if at all on Mac Rhino. I am trying to make fixes to that assembly over time, but don’t have any promises about when or if that assembly will ever work.