IFCwindow - missing dimensions

when we exported ifc file, the ifcwindow not show in basequantities the windows dimensions (only volume and area). Also is it possibile to export other information in ifc file like the sill or frame?
Furthermore, if insert parameters information in Style Properties (by style), these are not transferred in ifc file on the contrary if I insert them in Properties

Thank you in advance for precious suggestions

Hi @fn_a, can you provide the IFC file you are exporting? and also the 3dm so we can check it out? Window dimensions should be exported to IFC. Which software program are you using to read the IFC file?
To export information of an object component, like a window’s sill or frame, you need to create a custom parameter and assign the value to the Window object. Unfortunately, only the values assigned by Object are exported to IFC as IFC properties, but not the values assigned to parameters by Style. We will try to change this and make them be exported to IFC as well.

Hello Francesc,

thank you for fast an precious replay.

I attached the request documentations.

About the possibility to export ifc informations from “by Style” I think is important to allow a fluent workflow.

Thank you again ad attending your replay.


documents.rar (6.8 MB)

Hi, I can see the dimensions of the window when I open your IFC file in Solibri, for example:

What program do you use to open the IFC file?

The program is usBimviewer+ . Attached the report from BuildingSmart about specifications.
software usbimviewer.pdf (1.3 MB)
So do you think is a problem of ifc viewer?
Thank you

Hi @fn_a if usBimviewer+ doesn’t read the dimensions of the window, it might be a limitation of this IFC viewer, since the information is stored in the IFC file, and read by other software (like Solibri)

Thank you Francesc,
I ask to usbimviewer manufacturers to solve this problem.

Hello. I read one of your previous answers to this problem. If we create the glazing and frame as a custom paramater. Then, we will be able to see them both separately in Solibri as well? I want to create rulesets for energy efficiency of windows and hence would need frames and glazing.

Hi @Janees,

Yes, if you create them as object custom parameters they will be exported to IFC.