IfcSite / ifcProject - How to set values in VisualARQ

I am wondering if it is possible to set up value for ifcProject and ifcSIte in IFC export using VisualARQ?

Hi @Natalia_Gawlik
You can use User texts to define the ifcProject, the ifcSite, and other related names when exporting your document to IFC.

    1. Run the SetDocumentUserText command
  • 2 . Type one of the following text key:
    • IfcProject_Name
    • IfcProject_Description
    • IfcProject_LongName
    • IfcProject_Phase
    • IfcSite_Name
    • IfcSite_Description
    • IfcSite_LongName
    1. Type a document text (the text given to the chosen key)