Hi @jonm / all,
Im trying to get the connections of an item (ifcWall). see image.
Is this possible. or it is not yet available.

The idea is to have a list just as the one in DecomposeSpaceBoundaries>RelatedElement

Thanks for the help.

Thanks for the post. You might have to update to latest build of the plugin, reviewing this did identify a couple of serialization bugs.

I’ve attached a test file and example script that shows how these relationships are currently accessed. You might need more attributes of the connection relationship itself.
Let me know if this helps or not.


230215 decompose walls and space.gh (22.5 KB)
230215 walls and space.zip (6.8 KB)

Hi Jon,
Thanks for the quick reaction.
it did the job for the IfcRelSpaceBoundary (rooms/space) but the IfcRelConnectsPathElements is not working as is should. it dosnt return the right list of connected walls.
On the right of the image you can see how it supossed to be. Hope you can find time to look at it.

The DecomposeElement is a very handy feature.

Kind regards,
Homer Garcia Santana

Thanks, you are right. The connected element outputs are outputting the source element, not the connected. I’ve just flipped the output in the latest build on the package manager. Let me know if it’s amiss.

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Hi Jon,
Its now working.