IFC4 example from Rhino

Hi everyone,

I do not use Rhino but I work with a sotware company which has applications who import building models with IFC4 standards. I heard Rhino has IFC4 exportation.

Is there somebody who could send us an IFC4 model of a building generated with Rhino, with various layers in the walls if possible? The idea is to test our importation whith others softwares

Thank for your help

You will need the VisualArq plug-in in order to be able to export IFC4 files from Rhino. Maybe @fsalla could help you.


You can find various IFC4 files on various posts of this filter of my blog.

I also did some work for building smart to generate IFC4 samples as unit tests of new features.
https://github.com/BuildingSMART/IfcScript/blob/master/Examples/Wall.ifc should help you out. If you want something more specific, you can get in touch.

Not too many others are exporting IFC4 at this stage (even two years after release). Revit is about the only mainstream software that has anything like progress on this front.



Thank you for your help, I will give this information to my software company, which is CYPE in spain.

Actually they do IFC4 exportation in their softwares CYPECAD STRUCTURES & CYPECAD MEP

VisualARQ exports to IFC 2x3 right now. We will work on the IFC4 version when other mainstream software like Revit, as @jonm says, can read IFC4 files.
You can see how to export models to IFC here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=taCmwC7lXq8

On the other hand you can create your wall styles with different layers using VisualARQ.
You can see how it works here: http://youtu.be/FfoMkckgfZo