IFC import as text (webinar question)

"Hi all,

First of all thanks for the webinar yesterday. I am responding to the webinar .ifc import question that came up yesterday.

Mathieu quickly explained that .ifc is supported in export (noted, I also use it), and that since .ifc is nothing but .txt under the hood (noted, I was aware), import could go via import .txt.

I am trying to import an .ifc file via text-import on a designer subscription, but I get the error that only the format’s allowed are able to be imported. […]

I am wondering: is there a way that you can easily let the TEXT-import allow .ifc import as well? So not as geometry, but as text? I would be helped very much by that! I’ll do the .ifc to geometry gymnastics in the GH-definition myself.

Thanks for letting me know,


"Hi Thomas,

many thanks for your feedback regarding the webinar!

No problem, we will allow ifc files as text input, seems we forgot to add this so far.

Could I ask you to also add a short forum post about this? It will be interesting for other users as well.

Many thanks,


Not to put the pressure on, just curious: Do you have any idea which update will include this?

Best and thanks for the answer and effort,


This update has been released in the version 1.9.3-beta of the plugin, which is now available through the package manager (make sure to enable pre-releases). Please test it and let us know if it works as expected.