IFC file with va

when i import the IFC file , i get a 3D model BUT no plan in 2d ! i am editing the block and drow the correct 2d and apply it … that is Boring (
is there a solution in near future ??? This will solve all my problems with VA

Hi Jon!

Which kind of objects are you importing in the Ifc?
Do they have originally a 2D representation?
How would you like to see it?

hi !
i use this site https://www.bimobject.com/ru/product , dawnload objects to revit and after that to rhino like ifc file




archicad in top 2d

If the Ifc model doesn’t have a 2D representation it will be a view of the model from the top or from the section plane downwards.

Enable the “Print preview” option and make sure the layer in which the car is has not a white color assigned.


Also you can try changing the color of the car’s paint to a different color than white.

If the problem persists then send us the model so we can check better what’s is going on.

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work ! thanks