IFC export

I’ve got an issue when I try to export an IFC with a 0,0 point far from the général plan origin.
When model is imported in Revit, VisualArc levels seems to stay attached on the général plan origin and it produce a visualisation bug (model is too big cause of the to big distance between model and level origin point).

I need to do this because BIM manager ask me to export a georeferenced model…

In fact the first time I and a bug but now it doesn’t work at all. Model is always import at the general plan origin

Maybe it’s not possible to export IFC model with a different origin

Hi @guillaume.dupas,

How are you georeferencing the model?

VisualARQ uses the Rhino location properties, that you will find inside Rhino document options:

Model origin (0, 0, 0), will be located at the position specified in this dialog (latitude, longitude), and these values are exported and imported from the IfcSite in the IFC file.



Ok I’ll try this
Thank you

Hi did it work ?