If you are buying a new MAC read this

If you are in the market for a new Mac to run Rhino, you need to shop carefully.

Many of the new Macs run Intel IRIS or Intel UHD integrated graphics.
These systems are not ideal for Rhino.

They typically do not have enough vram or rendering cores to handle pro level modeling in a way that most users would be happy with.

This tends to exclude models like the MacBook air, the Mac Minis, the 13" MacBook Pro and the base iMacs.

Look for a standalone AMD graphics card with a min of 4gb of Vram.
There are several models that have more Vram, and more= better.
Rendering cores are also important. More = better if you do a lot of rendering this is the single most important thing to look at as Rhino render is GPU enabled.

Get at least 8gb of system RAM.
More = better

If you are running a 4k monitor you will need no less than 4gb vram. Again, more = better.

If you are running Windows Rhino on your Mac. Stop using Parallels or VMware.
They are not supported and you will have performance issues…
If you don’t have them now, you will at some point and we cannot help you.

If you’re stuck and need to run Windows on Mac hardware, please use the Bootcamp assistant to make your Mac a dual boot system. If your Mac meets the Rhino for Windows System Requirements, it should run.

Pro Modeling requires Pro equipment.

Do yourself a favor and spend the extra money for the right machine.

I hope this helps narrow the shopping choices and will help you get the most out of Rhino for Mac.


An external GPU (Thunderbolt 3) help you out with the integrated ones (mac mini, mbp13,…)

I have run many tests here using the Sonet 650 eGPU, with several different AMD cards, and Rhino runs quite well with it.

Just know that there is ZERO support for ANY Nvidia GPU in an eGPU plugged into a Mac.


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And for rendering AMD GPU’s are not supported either. So Mac’s are CPU bound regarding rendering at the moment.
(Correct me if I’m wrong!)

Everything said here applies to PeeCees as well. Intel GPU’s suck. They have always sucked. And they will always suck.