If vertex snap is on Rhino "freezes" if file is zoomed out

Hi @pascal , Snapping can slow Rhino down for a long time if a lot of data is in the area where the cursor is. This makes sense, but it would be great if snapping was cursor distance-from-initial-position aware so if we move the cursor away from the area then Rhino stops the snapping calculation.

If I want to draw a line from one vertex on a massive mesh to another vertex then I don’t want Rhino to snap on every possible vertex along the path I am moving the cursor. But I do want it to be snappy, so therefore I suggest a terminate snappingcalculation if the cursor is x pixels away from where it was when the snapping calculation started.

Hope that makes sense.

hi @Holo what is the size of the mesh you are using?

I’m not sure if I follow your request though, how would Rhino know when you want it to start using vertex snap again? Couldn’t holding Alt when moving to the next location help here?

It’s a big mesh, and yes, holding ALT down is the obvious workaround with how Rhino is now.

By monitoring the location of the cursor, if moved by more than x pixels it will terminate the current search and start a new one. That way it would be easy to draw a line that snaps to two points on a huge mesh with out having Rhino freeze up if you forget to hold down ALT.

I would also like to see Rhino terminate the search for snap the moment ALT is pressed.

NOTE: I tested this on a 1.4M poly mesh and it was snappy, so I will investigate what causes the slow down. It might be a compination of stacked, linked files.

Yeah, I was going to ask for an example, 'cause Mikko did a bunch of work in V7 and V8 to make mesh snapping snappier. For some reason some of the relevant YT items are not public, I don’t know if that was a decision or an oversight. Here’s one RH-62484 OSnap: Snapping to point clouds and polygon meshes is made faster