If Statement to Return Multiple Item


(R.Jaison) #1


I having trouble with the IF statement, Your help / advise is much appreciate.

I am trying get a two item in a data tree if a condition is true, the condition statement looks as shown below

Now I have the Third condition as text so it showing two vector as a text in each of the last two data tree.

but I am trying to get this two vector as a item in data tree {0;2} & [0;3]

Please find the attached GH.

Please advise on this regards.

If Statemenrt Return Two Item.gh (4.8 KB)


(David Rutten) #2

You can use the Text Split component to break text chains into multiple items. I recommend using another separator than comma though in that case.

(David Rutten) #3

Here’s another approach which hinges on the failed conversion from “” to Point.

(R.Jaison) #4

Hi David,