If I unroll a cone, how do I flow it back up since the line on the bottom is not straight?

I need to roll it into a circle with the ends matching up so that it becomes a crown.
Thank you so much:)

this is a rigged version of what it needs to look like:

once you have the unrolled srf, use it as base surface and then FlowAlongSrf

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this is what happens when I follow your directions. Not sure what I’m screwing up.

I made a video following the tutorial and works just fine, If you have record history enabled, you can make several adjustments

Why don’t you use the same method as we discussed in your other thread, i.e. do not use an unrolled cone surface as the basis, but a straight base line? Yes, the design will be distorted at the top, but that is unavoidable when you transform something flat into a cone, especially with the top ends bent outwards.


There is another way you might like:

create a (sort of) cone in the final shape of your crown, with Revolve and a curve in the required shape, and divide it up in as many segments as you have spikes. Squish the segment and draw your design on the resulting surface:

Make sure that the ends of your design are perpendicular to the sides, and are at equal distances from the bottom corner. Join the lines to check that they all meet in the corners.

Squishback the curves of your design, and you will see them projected on the original cone segment:

Select the curves and trim the surface:

Use circular array to create the other segments, join them into a polysurface and offset the polysurface to a solid: