If else with lenghts of lines

Hello everyone,
I have a question if there is a possible way to get an If/Else situation with end of lines and where to draw a line betwee “columns”. Example:

There are 5 columns in a row for a structure. Between the end points of the columns, beams will be placed between them. But what if you just want to have beams between column 1 and 2 and skip 3, then place a beam between 4 and 5 so there will be a opening above column 3? At the moment I made a component that a “beam”(line) is drawn between the last column and first column in a row, but if i remove columns 3, the beam is still drawn from the end to the beginning.

I hope someone knows how to pull this off.



I already got it. Just needed some coffee :slight_smile:If else between lines.gh (9.8 KB)

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Check this as well…

If else between lines_re.gh (11.9 KB)


Thanks. Thats a good solution also. more automatic. Thanks a lot!